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Who is Wincite Systems?

Wincite Systems has been providing competitive software solutions for over 15 years to a wide variety of companies in terms of size, industry and locations.  The basic technology in the system has evolved with advances in computer technology and networks.

What are the products?

The Wincite LAN based application offers a sophisticated centralized database oriented solution with topic screens tailored to the specific needs of a business users within a company. This includes detailed information sources and related analysis. Wincite is not a content provider, but it supports a broad range of content providers as well as public contents sources on the web.

With the arrival of the Web, the eWincite module was added which supports the same screens that are maintained in the Wincite database.  This enables end users to view and input information into a central database using a secured web browser interface. 

This year Knowledge Notebooks was added to the product line. It is a downsized version of the original Wincite database. It has a unique set of screens which are very easy to use. The system can be installed and in use in just a few days and is very competitively price.  It is targeted toward organizations with more limited resources and as a starter application for large organizations who are in the process of developing robust knowledge management systems.

How is Wincite used in business?

Initially Wincite was used to support competitive intelligence functions within fairly large corporations, and over half of the current clientele have retained this focus.  Because of the flexibility of the screen development tools associated with the system, many new areas of applications have evolved.

Since the addition of eWincite and its networking features, a number of installations have focused on sales and marketing requirements.  Sales and technical support offices on a global basis can now share the same information and intelligence wherever they are connected to the web. This same type of networking, tied into a database, is how being leveraged by technical developments groups that are located throughout the world.  A number of Wincite clients support a thousand or more end users.

This appears to be the early development of corporate knowledge networks that support the interchange of technical developments and related ideas. The Wincite platform is well suited for these types of users including blog type functionality and the concepts associated with Wikipedia, which is a real world example of people collaborating in the development and management of shared knowledge on a collective basis.

What makes Wincite different?

There are three underlying features which enable Wincite to be unique in many different ways.

1.    Wincite has a uniquely designed database that works on top of a industry standard database system such Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle. This gives the system the ability to manage very large quantities of information and the security related to a  large number of users.

2.   The eWincite module is the distribution and collection network that works with industry standard browser interfaces. The majority of Wincite end users are using eWincite.

3.   The Painter module in Wincite empowers business analysts to create new screens and modify existing screens in a very short time period without any intervention from the technical services functions such as IT groups.  This expedites the updating of an application and supports the evolution the application to meet changing business needs. 

Wincite is like a warehouse distribution center for information, intelligence, knowledge, and intellectual properties. It pulls together information from many different sources in a very broad variety of formats.  Wincite supports the integration of information with analysis and presents it in screens designed to support analysis and understanding.

End users can call up customized stored reports, or they can view information and related sources from the screens using either a directory hierarchy type approach or specialized search tools that are integrated with the database.

The Painter module in Wincite is like a prototype development toolkit, however, in instead of providing a temporary model to help define requirements, it deliveries a set of automatic changes to the active database for immediate access by users.

Finally, and most important, Wincite products are very intuitive and easy to use.  With only two clicks a user can be viewing information and intelligence as defined by a topic and a subject selected by a user.  If it isnít easy for people canít learn to use, the application will fail.  If you have learned to use a cell phone, you can easily learn to use Wincite products.


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